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Life Of The Party Intro!

The party is about to be come tumbling down. This Is my first sims 3 story i have been working on it for a little while. However, it took it a while because I have been on senior trip, then I had been craming for finals, and then packing up to move---So lets move into the introduction so you can better understand what this new sereis is about! Starting with introducing you with the characters. (I will make it very brief)

This is Naomi Grey...She is your Narrator. Now to fill you In ever since her mother left when she was a young teen she has been strung wild. All the way up to her college years. She is now 19 but even though she has graduated highschool she parties the night away every night and mooches off of her dad....

This is Naomi's best friend Denise... who tries to watch out for her, but gets caught up with glamorous life in drinking as well.

This is Naomi's dad. He works very hard as a single father. Sometimes though he feels like he is hanging by his last string. Naomi really doesn't understand what pressure she puts on  him.

This is Kraig Naomi's best guy friend. He is The one who throws all of the parties.He is a good friend, and he watches after Naomi with his life. He got started with this life when his parents died. He was just 14, but he wanted nothing more than to forget all about the car accident.

This is Diane she doesn't get along to well with Naomi. In fact you won't see much of her until much later in the series. The only thing they have in common is men.

Except for Blane.... He is always trying to get after Naomi, but Naomi turns him down every time.

Now on with the Story!!!!

After hanging many hours with Kraig and Denise I started to feel restless...The sun was going down, and I just wanted to have a few drinks and dance the night away.
"Kraig! We need to go back to your place to Party."
Kriag Laughed, "Naomi seriously this is the third time this week dont you have classes in the morning?"
"Yes I do.. But you know what I really need a good night tonight. Today was really bad you know i got fired from my job this morning and Its just been really bad, especially since i had to move back in with dad since i lost my apartment last month."
Kriag sighed," Well i got lots of drinks back at the house to help with that" Kraig finished with a smile.
"WOOOHOOOO party!!!!!!" I yelled

Then I heard Denise come up behind me, "Did I hear party!"
"Yep call everyone!" I said happy as ever. I spent many nights just parting it beats feeling crummy about the real world.
"Ill go buy a keg" Kraig said then waved and went off. Hmm, I should probably go redo my hair and make up. 

When I came in I noticed dad was home.
"So I guess your heading out tonight?" He questioned me.
"Yup, study group." Then I quickly ran to my room.

After re doing my hair and touching up my make up I knew that it was PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!

The next morning.......Im tired off my butt, my head hurts, and my dad woke me up to tell me to go to bed.....

After about noon I re woke up to dad after he left some left over waffles.
"So i guess your not going to class this morning.?" He muffled. I looked at the clock class was already twenty minutes in.
"I'll be fine."
"You know I let you stay as long as you need to, and I KNOW you lost your job the other day.."
"I meant to tell.." I cut him off but he cut me off too
"And thats fine, I hope you keep looking for another one... But I mean it DO NOT let your grades slip or you can find somewhere else to stay."
Feeling ashamed, I started to look forward to the party. I just wanted to forget about it.
"Yes daddy." I said, heading upstairs thinking about studying.
Then without even trying my thoughts wondered to last night. What happened last night anyways?

I was dancing, having a blast, and rocking to the music at Kraigs. I had done had a lot to drink there were a bunch of new people that I had never seen before, but i just kept dancing with Kraig untill I saw...him

He was absolutly gorgeous.  Me being already wasted was practically drooling over him. Without giving any last thought , I had already abandoned Kraig and started making my way towards the tall, sex god, looking man.

"Hi there you enjoying the party; I've never seen you around before." I smiled the sexiest smile I could
He grin flashed beautiful strait, white teeth, and for a second I thought I caught his glance check me out. 
"Names Jake, just moved here, and the party's crazy. The guy's got a nice pad he must be loaded."
I smiled ,"This is Kraig's place. HE is one of my close friends, and his parents are rich they passed away; he got the estate and dough."
"Well what do i have to do become one of your close friends." He smiled and I knew by then i had him bagged. I wanted him. soo bad I dont know if that was the hormones or the vodka talking but i wanted him BAD.

Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me off to the side. I grumbled thinking it was probably Kraig or Denise, but I was stunned to see that it was Balne
"Blane! what the heck are you doing!" I nearly stumbled over.
"Babe, I wanted to tell you how sexy you looked tonight." He  smiled inching his face close to mine.
"Blane, you tell me that everynight; now why dont you find some other girl to try and get into bed with you."

He leaned in close to my ear where I could feel his breath against my neck.
"Mmmm, but only you got my attention."
I laughed and walked away trying to find where Jake went.
"Where are you going?" Blane called out to me.
"I have other plans." I blinked my long lashes at him; then, I giggled to myself.

Diane-"Oh Kraig your soo funny, and i noticed you have been working out"
Kriag-"Yeah actually i have..." He said noticing Naomi and Blane talking a little too closesly...Kraig thought to himself That sleeze is nothing, but a man ho.. I would have to be careful and watch after her. He took another gulp of his vodka.

Sometime during the night, I found myself in Jake's arms. Both wasted, we couldn't keep our hands off eachother. The smell of his cologne mixed with taquilla, and the taste of his mouth is still vivid in my mind. His warm hands finding their way up my shirt, my hands curled around his dark hair, and bulge in his tightened pants gave me a warming chill. After that, there was nothing I could remember. I do know one thing, and that was we did not have sex. 

Stumbling into the house, I tried to be quiet not waking my dad. I'm not sure what all happened tonight, but I do know that there was one thing I wanted to happen. Sure, it should be sickening since I had only met him once. Though the thought of having him have me was enough to send me into a sex fanatic fantasy. Jake, the last thought in my mind before I passed out cold on the couch.

Alright So let me know what you think of the introduction!!!! If it gets enough comments and ratings i will complelty have the first full chapter out within two weeks!.


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